Gambling preys on the poor

By Mark Zuckerberg

On this issue, conservatives who know that gambling destroys families are united with liberals who know that gambling preys on the poor.

But there’s a reason: Gambling lies precisely on the fault line between two important national values. The centuries-long debate over gambling is really a clash betweenSocial reformers attacked public lotteries on grounds ranging from their exploitation of the poor to widespread corruption scandals. 7 Reasons Not to Play the Lottery | 5. It preys on the … Faithful trustees may not gamble with a trust fund. They have no right. The parable of the talents says Jesus will take account of how we handled his money.The ‘house’ controls the action, the players will all eventually lose.” 5. It preys on the poor. The lottery supports and encourages “yet another... Casino gambling deepens inequality, study finds | Deseret… Among its key contentions is that casino gambling preys on poor communities and exacerbates inequality. The authors focus on the rapid expansion of casino gambling, which until recently was legal only in Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Casinos, the study notes, are “popping up across the...

Understanding Illinois: Gambling Preys on Poor for ...

82 betting shops are in just one London borough | Daily Mail… Preying on the poor: The impoverished London borough which has EIGHTY TWO betting shopsBorough is one of Britain's poorest, but has some of the most betting shopsNewham has been ranked the third most deprived area of EnglandEarlier this year they rejected an application for the new betting shop on the grounds that it...

legalized lottery gambling, the state has declared itself the monopolist provider. In other forms of ..... Opponents argue that state lotteries prey on minorities and the poor and that spending on state lotteries displaces consumption and savings.

Government Gambling on the Poor – Acton Institute… The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has published a paper titled, “Taxing the Poor: A Report on Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling, and Other Taxes and Fees That Disproportionately Burden Lower-Income Families” (PDF).And of course that casino take depends on the type of game played.

The Friends Committee an Legislation (FCL) endorses Friends' traditional opposition to gambling on moral grounds, We know that gambling is addictive to some and that families may be made destitute because of gambling.

Exploiting the poor: Gambling preys on the desperation of the poor. The National Gambling Impact Study Commission found that those with incomes less than $10,000 spend more on lottery tickets than any other income group. Legalized sports betting unlikely in 3 largest states - Chicago Tribune