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Roster Slot Hero Points 1 free 2 free 3 free 4 free 5 25 6 50 7 75 8 100 9-10 200 ( 100100) 11-13 ... Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki ... Roster Slot 1-100+ Prices Edit ... Roster Slot Costs for Newbies — D3 Go! Forums One way to improve this would be to reduce the early stage costs again, ... Another way would be to give a roster slot each shield rank up to say ...

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MPQ Gamependium - GingerShark's Roster All code on this site (except where noted otherwise) is ©2015 Gamependium. Marvel Puzzle Quest is developed by Demiurge Studios. Marvel Puzzle Quest APK - Latest Version Marvel Puzzle Quest APK 107.356189. Rewards Cache: Selected Star-Rated covers can be sold all at once by selecting “Sell All” button. Roster Slots: Increased number to 300 (from 200). Balanced Symbiote Minions: Most powers have increased countdown times & do less damage. Boosts - Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Wiki Guide - IGN

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Hero Points | Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Hero Points, is a type of premium currency in Marvel: Puzzle Quest. It is used to purchase Token packs from the store and to increase your availible Roster Slots, allowing you to recruit more characters. Should I spend money on gold for roster slots ... I'd recommend that if you spend for roster slots you do it now when you get more bang for your buck because eventually every new roster slot will cost 1000 HP and that can feel underwhelming for your cash investment unless you get a sweet 4 or 5 star that you just need to roster.