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Instead, the Deuces Wild casino game begins its payout structure with three of a kind (more on pay ... Check out the full pay offerings for Deuces Wild online: ...

Full-pay Deuces Wild - Casino City ANSWER: No doubt the strategy you learned was for full-pay Deuces Wild, which once was really common in Nevada but which is rare today and non-existent in other states. Full-pay Deuces pays 5-for-1 on fours-of-a-kind and 3-for-1 on full houses. The best games available in most areas today pay 4-for-1 on fours-of-a-kind as well as on full houses. Deuces Wild video poker - Online Pokies Games It should also be noted that Internet-based Deuces Wild poker, such as the Microgaming titles found at Royal Vegas, don’t offer quite as favourable theoretical returns as full-pay versions. The standard one-play Deuces Wild game has a house edge of 3.23 per cent, making it one of the worst-value online video poker games around. Game Guides - Deuces Wild Video Poker Full Pay Deuces Wild : With a payout percentage of 100.76% full pay Deuces Wild machines are definitely worth playing if you can find them. Apart from the best version there are also several other variations that have expected returns higher than full pay Jacks or Better. The pay table below is the optimal one to look for .

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Full-pay Deuces Wild - John Grochowski A natural full house consisting of three 2s and a pair or two 2s and three of something else becomes five of a kind in Deuces Wild. The bottom line is that four of a kind is the most important hand in Deuces Wild, and the enhanced payback on quads is what makes full-pay Deuces one of the best games around in the rare places you can find it. Deuces Wild Video Poker - Best Online Gambling Sites of 2018 The differences between pay tables in Deuces Wild are also more significant than in Jacks or Better, too. By the way, this example pay table is for "not so ugly" Deuces Wild. The payback percentage, if you play with near-optimal strategy, is 99.73%. It's even better than full pay Jacks or Better, odds-wise.

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pay-table. Deuces Wild is played with 1 deck where all cards are re-shuffled after each round. After placing your bet, you will receive 5 initial cardsHas Deuces Wild been an enjoyable game? You may also try on BlackJack, Casino Hold’em, Jackpot Poker, Jacks or Better, Game King Bonus Poker... Full-pay Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild in its full pay version features as high as 100.76% theoretical payout what makes it the highest paying Video Poker game.Unfortunately, it is impossible to find it in its full pay version online and you would also struggle to find it in any land based casinos.

Full-pay Deuces Wild - John Grochowski It differs from full-pay Deuces on the quad and full house payoffs and also ups the flush pay to 3-for-1 instead of the 2-for-1 in the full-pay game. The enhance full house pay brings the EV of holding both pairs to 3.40 while the decreased quad pay drops the value of a single pair to 2.74. Frome published strategies for many Deuces Wild ... Full-pay Deuces Wild - John Grochowski